What are the dates for Encounter?
February 25th - April 2nd.
When are the Live Sessions?
Thursdays 4 - 6pm GMT
When are the Listening Circles?
Fridays 5 - 6pm GMT
Do I need to have studied Shamanism to join this workshop?
No. The workshop is open by interview to anyone who feels the call and who has the internal resources to make use of the work.
Do I need to have experienced Movement Medicine to join this workshop?
No. You will be guided through the workshop and can participate at your own level.
If I have a body injury, or an acute or chronic illness that prevents me from moving vigorously, can I still participate and gain the benefits of Encounter?
In Movement Medicine, you are always invited to go at your own pace and to listen to any limitations and work as creatively as you can with them. People have successfully done this work in all kinds of states.
I don’t consider myself a “dancer” can I still do this?
Neither do I (Ya’Acov) - seriously though, being a dancer in Movement Medicine terms is not about how good your moves are. It’s about listening to the movement of life inside you and letting that lead you.
Will this workshop help me with the hardships of all the changes, facing the unknown, and help me to understand how to move forward confidently in these times?
The workshop is designed to help you to recognise and work with the resources that are part of your human inheritance. The Inner Shaman already has access to these and they are resilient, creative and able to bridge the known and the unknown. If you do the work diligently and consistently, you have every chance of being better prepared to be able ‘to dance with whatever life brings you.’
Why do I need to book an interview to join this course?
The course is open by interview with one of Ya’Acov’s experienced team. The interview is a two-way process. One, for you to ask any questions so you can make sure this course is for you. And two, so that we can make sure you have at least one foot firmly on terra firma and have the inner and outer resources to make use of this powerful journey.
Can I cancel my interview and receive a full refund?
You can cancel your interview and receive a full refund at least 24 hours before the time of your interview. After that timer, no refunds are available and you will need to re-book and pay for another interview.
Why do I have to pay for my interview?
Applications for this workshop require a £95 deposit. This deposit will go towards your tuition if you decide to commit to the journey. If you decide not to join we will refund you £70. If we decide it’s not aligned for you to join, we will fully refund your interview fee. The deposit helps us gauge how serious you are and encourages you to show up on the day that it's booked ☺
Do I need to book an interview if I'm an apprentice?
No you don't need to book an interview if you are an apprentice. Please contact Carrie through our contact form for more details.
What is the time commitment?
Three to four hours/week of contact time plus one hour for your ‘power hour’ every day
What is the power hour?
Each day of the course, you will be expected to give an hour for your practice. This can of course, include what you already know but as we move forward, you will be expected to be integrating what you are learning into your power hour.
Can I split my power hour into sections?
Yes you can. i.e. thirty minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening
If I have some or a lot of experience with Shamanic practice and/or Movement Medicine, is this workshop for me?
All students can take the work at the level they are at. If you already have experience, it is our expectation that you will be able to go deeper.
Do I need to have read or understand anything before this workshop?
You will need a copy of Ya’Acov’s book, Shaman - Invoking Power, presence and Purpose at the Core of Who You Are. You do not need to have read it. Each week, Ya’Acov will ask you to read or re-read the relevant chapter.
What is needed in my physical space for me to participate fully? Do I need a large space? An Altar? A Drum? Candles? A sound system/speaker? What else do I need to receive the full benefits of Encounter?
You need a space that’s as private as possible, a notebook and pen, a computer and preferably either some good headphones or a good speaker. If you wish to create an altar for your space, please feel free. In Movement Medicine, your body and your condition and the unbroken intelligence of life that lives your body is the altar.
What are the listening circles and can I choose the one I’m in?
The listening circles are for one hour once a week on Fridays (times to be announced) and they are a very important part of the workshop. You must agree to attend these in order to be accepted to the workshop. You will be assigned to a circle, held by one of Ya’Acov’s trained assistants. We will do our very best to assign you to groups in your time zone.
What if I have to miss any part of the workshop through unavoidable circumstances?
All sessions are recorded and will be available to you to watch at any time. Your attendance at the live events is a central requirement to your participation. If you cannot make one or two of these for unavoidable circumstances (we know that life happens), we accept this. Please do your absolute best to attend all sessions and if you miss one, catch up before the next.
What is a study buddy and can I choose my own?
Your study buddy is your study partner throughout the workshop. You are required to meet with them online once a week for a minimum of 20 minutes to check in. You are not there to give unasked for advice. You are there to listen and to accompany and to support/challenge them to follow through on their commitments. If you wish to partner up with someone you already know and do the course together, please let us know at the interview. This can usually be arranged.
What if I find that I cannot complete the workshop?
There are no refunds once the workshop has begun. It is your responsibility to make an informed choice, once accepted on the workshop, whether you have the time and the commitment to make full use of the workshop.
If I cannot make it, can I sell my place to someone else?
No. Each student must come through an interview. If you cancel a minimum of 72 hours before the workshop, we will do our best to fill your place. If we can, you will be refunded less an administration fee of £95. If we cannot fill your place, you will lose your payment.
Will I receive a certificate of completion at the end of the workshop?
Yes. A Certificate of Completion issued for each successfully completed section of this series. Each
What is the minimum and maximum age requirement for this workshop?
Minimum 16 if you are really wanting to do the work. No maximum age.
Is there an opportunity to keep going deeper on the journey?
Encounter is Part 1 of a 4-Part series. Each workshop will build on the previous one. Though naturally, there’s no requirement to continue, you will need to have completed Part 1 to proceed to Part 2 and so on.
When will Part Two take place and must I have completed Part One to participate?
We will be offering all 4 parts of the journey represented in Ya’Acov’s book SHAMAN. The time table is not yet confirmed, but you will be first to know when the next section will be offered. You must have successfully completed Part One to apply for Part Two.
Would this workshop count for my apprenticeship hours?
For those interested in pursuing a School of Movement Medicine Apprenticeship (SOMM) and/or Professional Training, successfully completing all aspects of the workshop, including your daily power hour, all 6 sessions, the Listening Circles, and all other aspects, will equate to 50 hours of SOMM prerequisite hours. FYI, to be accepted to the SOMM Apprenticeship Program, a minimum of 175 hours of Movement Medicine experience with a qualified teacher, plus the gateway workshops of Initiation and the Phoenix Retreat are required.
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